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Stray Dogs


Please could you provide the following information regarding stray dogs under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 :
1.      How many stray dogs entered pounds in your area in 2015?
2.      How many of these stray dogs were bull breeds?
3.      How many stray dogs in your pounds were euthanised in 2015?
4.      How many of these were bull breeds?
5.      How many of the stray dogs entering pounds in your area were prohibited types under Section 1 of the Dangerous Dogs Act?
6.      Are stray dogs entering local authority pounds subject to a veterinary examination upon entry?
7.      If so, are bull breeds assessed for injuries potentially attributable to dog fighting or being used as a bait dog (e.g. injuries to legs, tongue injuries, teeth being filed down, other facial scarring etc)?
8.         If bull breeds are assessed for such injuries, how many showed signs of such injuries upon entry into the kennels in 2015?

Request Date

20 June 2016

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