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Contaminated land public register


With regard to the Freedom of Information Act, I would be grateful if you could provide answers to the following:

1) Does the council maintain a register of potentially contaminated land under part 2a of the Environmental Protection Act 1990?

2) If so, is this available for inspection by the public?

3) If yes, please can you provide all effected contaminated land areas (including location) within your local authority boundaries? 
4) When did the council last carry out a review of this information and publish the results?
5) when will the council be carrying out its next review of this information?
6) Under which section within the authority does the responsibility for the maintenance of the register lie?
7) Do you have records of any underground fuel storage tanks at the site?
8) If yes, where can this be inspected and can you provide a list?

9) Can you please provide any 'potential contaminated' land that you may deem to be 'contaminated land' under part 2a of the Environmental Protection act 1990 in the near future?
7) Please can you confirm that any findings in your contaminated land register is under the OGL with the ability to use in commercial reports? 

Request Date

16 June 2016

Requested byIndividual
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