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Public Health Funerals


Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 I seek the following information about the number of funerals your organisation has paid for in the last financial year (often referred to as public health or pauper funerals).

1. What are the start and end dates of your financial year?

2. How many of these funerals did you arrange in the last financial year? 

3. How were the funerals providers found - on a case-by-case basis or part of a larger contract? 

4. Whose role was it to find the funeral provider? with contact details if possible.

5. Would you list each funeral with the following details for each: the date, whether the body was buried or cremated, whether a funeral service was held, the total cost, and the funeral provider used, whether an NHS trust contributed any money for this funeral, and if so which trust.

Request Date

15 June 2016

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