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Asbestos consulting


We are seeking   information  on contracted  asbestos  consultancy  services  falling   under  the authority   of your  council.

By  asbestos    consultancy  services   we   mean   surveying,   sampling,   air-monitoring    and testing   for  asbestos  matter   which  mayor    may  not  be present  in your  council's   properties. We do  not  include  the  physical   removal   and  disposal   of  asbestos   or  asbestos  containing materials    in  our   definition.   This   is  not  a  service   we  provide   as  there   is  a  conflict    of interests   between   identifying/assessing   the  presence  of  asbestos  and  the  actual   physical removal  of asbestos.

Specifically,  we are  looking  to find  out  the  following   in relation   to  asbestos  consultancy  as defined  above:

1.   Does the  council  have a contract   or framework  agreement  in place with  external providers?

2.   If so, when  is that  contract   due for  renewal,   and what  is the  process  for  notifying prospective  suppliers?

3.   Who  is your  current   contractor/provider?

4.   What  is the  annual  value  of the  contract?

Request Date

14 June 2016

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