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Dog Fouling


Please provide me with the following information:

1. How many fixed penalty fines did you issue for dog fouling in 2014?

2. How many complaints did you receive about dog fouling in 2014?

3. How many fixed penalty fines did you issue by month during 2015 for dog fouling?

4. How many complaints did you receive about dog fouling by month during 2015?

5. Who deals with the dog fouling complaints within your local authority i.e. cleansing team, dog warden or enforcement officers?

6. What are you currently doing to tackle the issues around dog fouling?

Request Date31 May 2016
Requested byOrganisation
Released Date  

5 July 2016   


1. 0 for the year

2. 170

3. 0 for the year

4. Jan 34, Feb 30, Mar 34, April 16, May 24, June 22, July 28, Aug 4, Sept 21, Oct 30, Nov 13, Dec 10

5. Requests for removal go to street cleansing.  requests for enforcement or information about offenders go to dog control officer

6. Have adopted new legislation under the ASB, Crime and Policing Act 2014 - from 1 May 2016 PSPO in place for dog fouling and not having the means to pick up

Education initiates such a press releases, articles in Council and Parish newsletters

Signs on lampposts and in parks explaining new laws

Campaigns such as spraying poo yellow and working with Keep Britain Tidy on 'we are watching you' campaign

Letters/cards/door knocking/speaking to dog owners in problem areas to raise awareness and encourage the public to give us information so we can target patrols

Patrols based on intelligence from the public about offenders