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Expenditure on training


I am contacting you on this day to request that you inform me about the current spending on training for members of staff. As a citizen of this councils jurisdiction I believe that the current spending maybe excessive and that there may be cheaper alternative ways to spend money as a council to improve knowledge of its staff.  

1.  Are there plans to upgrade the councils IT Software or infrastructure in the coming year?

2.  Could you please inform me of any planned or in progress IT Projects that may require training to individuals or teams on the councils staff?

3.  How do you obtain training for you staff and project needs?  And how much was spent on acquiring this training?

4.  Is there currently any IT training that has been planned for future dates, if the that is the case can I please have information relating to the training purchased  

5.  Will you please provide me with an up to date organisational chart for the councils IT department

6.  Could you provide me with the details of the mangers - IT or otherwise - that would handle training and employee development plans?  

7.  Can you please provide me information of the budget you have allocated for Technical training for the current financial year? (April 2016 - March 2017)

8. Have you obtained any quotations or prices for Training for the upcoming financial year?

9.  Have you purchased a skills licence with any training company for the upcoming year?

10.  If so what was the company it was purchased from and what was the total value of the Skills License?

11.  What is the current amount spent on the obtained Skills Licence? 

12.  If you haven't already purchased a Skills license, would you consider doing so in the near future?

Request Date18 May 2016
Requested byIndividual 
Released Date  

14 June 2016 


Our IT services are managed by Stevenage Borough Council as a shared service agreement.  The employees, IT software, infrastructure and training budgets are all managed through Stevenage Borough Council.

We do have a small training budget which is usually spent on IT user skills for the microsoft packages.