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Staff dealing with citizen enquiries


1. How many people are employed in your contact centre(s)?

2. What is the total annual cost of your contact centres(s), including staff?

3. Do you outsource the contact centre(s)?

4. If so, please provide:

(a) Name of the outsourcing partner

(b) Annual cost of the outsourcing contract

(c) End date of the outsourcing contract.

PLEASE NOTE: by contact centre, I mean the council's customer services department for citizen enquiries.

Request Date17 May 2016
Requested byIndividual
Released Date  

26 May 2016   


The Council does not hold the information you have requested.

The Council does not have a single contact centre or customer services dept responsible for dealing with all enquiries.

The Council does have a small team who, in addition to other duties, provide a reception function; this includes answering calls and directing customers to the correct department to handle their enquiry.

Individual departments are largely responsible for dealing with their customer contact along with their other duties and functions.

We do not record or report such activity separately from other costs.

We are therefore unable to provide the information you have requested.