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Responsibilities for trimming trees

Request Description

There is a large porte tree hanging over my garden wall. It blocks out the light which means that my vegetable garden always dies and when we hang clothes out to dry it drops something that stains and ruins them. I have already written an email to the caretakers of the cemetery asking them to trim the tree back so that it doesn't hang over my wall and thus some light can get in and we can dry our clothes outside. The reply I got back was that if the tree is growing over my wall, that I had to trim back the protruding branches myself.

I would like clarification whether it is my responsibility and if so, if I can do it without repercussions? 

Request Date26 April 2016
Requested byIndividual
Released Date  

 10 May 2016  


  Your request for information has now been researched, however the Council does not hold the information you have requested.

Laws regarding property and trees are not a council responsibility, and it would be innnapropriate for us to offer such legal advice.

I can however advise that you could check the Gov.UK website for details

You can also check if the tree is covered by a Preservation Order on our website: