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Walkern Planning issues

Request Description

From a  personal point of view if EHDC are the land owners (disputed now by local home owners as on their deeds) it would allow them to consider if any future planning was ever granted that hard standing parking bays and vehicle access could be formed to the rear of Moors Ley houses to alleviate the known chronic parking issues on Moors Ley road as reasonable S106 planning requirements if access is granted between the current local garages looked at being knocked down on current planning applications. I would like a view on that expressed please as a reasonable consideration to existing residents if planning consent is ever given to solve a longstanding transport and parking issue?

Yet Walkern with its chronic transport and flooding issues (highlighted by HCC in recent planning applications, no capacity for school expansion is classified as Group 1 Village still, one now of only six such in East Herts, and only by one point above the threshold limit? Yet Stanstead Abbots was deemed nearly three times more sustainable for development and has the same constraints on schools and land development and is noted with transport issues, the same as Walkern, something is clearly not right here? Can you compare and justify such diverse decisions for Walkern and Stanstead Abbots for us please?

Will these reduced Group 1 villages now be asked to accommodate even more development under the District Plan and bear a disproportionate burden relative to other villages as Walkern clearly can't sustain that with its congested chronic road and public transport issues identified by HCC, coupled with lack of school expansion?

Request Date18 April 2016
Requested byIndividual
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 18 April 2016     


All of these requests require conjecture or opinion which is outside the scope of the act rather than asking for information that we hold.