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Selective Landlord Licensing Scheme

Request Description

I am contacting your office with a freedom of information request. I hope to gain information with regards to the Selective Landlord Licensing Scheme as outlined in part three of the Housing Act 2004.  Please see below for explicit details and limits on the information I am requesting and note that I am contacting you via email and would respectfully request a response in the same format.


1. Have you introduced a selective landlord licensing scheme?

2. When did you introduce your selective licensing scheme(s)? Is it borough wide or specific neighbourhoods?

3. What is the license fee (or fee structure)? How did you determine this structure? Does this make the scheme self-financing?

4. How has the income from the license fee been used to improve housing?

5. Since selective licensing was introduced, how many landlords have been prosecuted for a) failing to obtain a license under the selective licensing scheme and b) other offences under Parts 1 and 2 of the Housing Act 2004?

6. For the participating areas, what evidence do you have that your selective licensing scheme has impacted anti-social behaviour issues?

7. What evidence do you have that a) selective licensing has helped identify sub-par landlords and b) has improved conditions in the private rented sector?

8. If you do not participate in a selective landlord licensing scheme a) why not and b) do you have any alternative structures and or systems in place to evaluate landlords in the private rented sector?

9. Do you have any plans to discuss the implementation of a selective landlord licensing scheme in the future?

Request Date11 April 2016
Requested byIndividual
Released Date