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Police and Crime Commissioner Election

Request Description

I would like to know how much the above election is costing please? I am shocked that in a time of cuts to services and turning the street lights out that we cannot conduct this low key election a cheaper way. Surely the money being spent could be spent better elsewhere. Could we not have voted via email or with a supermarket token system? Does this election deserve such expense? Could the Police not use this money for more Officers?! Could we not have tagged it onto another election to make better use of resources? Where does the budget come from to fund this election?

Request Date31 March 2016
Requested byIndividual
Released Date  





11 May 2016      


Elections are conducted under  The Returning Officer who  does not carry out the duties on behalf of the local authority but in their own personal capacity, as appointed under the Representation of the People Act 1983. The Freedom of Information Act does not apply to Returning Officers.  

The Returning Officer has, however, advised that the costs of the election are not yet fully known, and may not be known for some months, as some invoices are yet to be received.   the Freedom of Information Act allows access to recorded information, it does not provide for estimates, discussion or justification for actions.

The election was  a legal requirement.  The date was set and the election was called for by the Cabinet Office. Police and Crime Commissioners are appointed to statutory roles, which fall under the Home Office.

The manner in which elections are conducted is prescribed, and cannot be varied locally (e.g. there's not provision for email voting or tokens, which would be vulnerable to fraud).  

Ordinarily, costs of elections such as this are met by central government.