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Burning of materials at an allotment site

Request Description

I am writing under the Freedom of Information Act to ask for information relating to the cutting down and burning of trees/hedges adjacent to the roadway at London Road allotment.

I would appreciate an answer to my following questions:

1. What permission, if any, was given by the council to fell the trees, cut the hedges and burn foliage at the site?

2. If permission was given by the council, please send documented evidence of the decision making.

3. If no permission was given, please provide details of the contract between allotment owners and the Council that details what changes owners are allowed to make to the site.

Request Date22 March 2016
Requested byIndividual
Released Date  

22 March 2016   


East Herts has responsibility for some allotments within the district, however the location you have requested is administered by the town council.

Further information regarding allotments is available here: Allotments in East Herts