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Public Space Protection Orders relating to dogs

Request Description

 Please detail all public spaces protection orders (PSPOs) in your area relating to dogs.

Are you planning on introducing any more PSPO(s) relating to dogs in the foreseeable future? If yes what dates do you plan on starting the consultation, if exact dates are not known can you provide a rough timeline?

Please provide us with all agendas, meeting minutes and any relevant papers from any meetings held discussing the dog control PSPO(s) you have in force (Including discussions on the need for a PSPO(s) and discussion of any consultation conducted)

Please provide us with details of what / if any alternative approaches to using a PSPO(s) for dog control were considered and the reasons why these approaches were discounted

Please provide us with the questions / documents that were issued during the consultation period before the PSPO(s) was issued

Please tell us between which dates the consultation for each PSPO was held and how the consultation was publicised

Did the council directly consult with any groups/ organisations prior to the introduction of the PSPO(s)? If yes please provide the responses received.

Please provide any report produced following the consultation

Please detail why the council believes measures contained in the PSPO(s) related to dog control meet the statutory test for the introduction of the PSPO(s) (that it tackles behaviour that has or will have a detrimental effect on the quality of life of those in the locality). Please provide any evidence the council has to support specific measures contained in the PSPO(s).

Please detail what plans the council has in place to review whether the PSPO(s) is effective in preventing the behaviour related to dogs it was introduced to tackle

Please let us know what evidence will be considered, and what baseline evidence the council has to compare this against

Please provide us with details of the equality impact assessment given to any dog related PSPO(s) for assistance dog users, people with reduced mobility, or other illnesses and conditions. Both in their ability to comply with the order and their ability to exercise their dog off lead in an area close by.

Please detail any enforcement action has been taken to tackle dog owners using powers provided by the PSPO(s)?

Request Date18 March 2016
Requested byOrganisation
Released Date  

29 April 2016


All details of the Council's PSPOs, consultation approach and results can be found on the Council's website at: Public Spaces Protection Order

This contains links to the information we hold and committee decisions.

The measures take effect from 1/5/16 and therefore have not been used to date.