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IT questions

Request Description

1. What are the main drivers for the Council Digital Strategy? Please rank in order of priority one to five (where one is the most important and five least important).

Business Drivers

Council Response

Financial Constraints and Budgetary pressures


Delivering Better or Improved Outcomes


Business Transformation Goals


New Ways of working


Meeting Customer expectations


Central Government Policy  and Legislation


Other, please state


2. Does the Council's Digital Strategy state clearly desired goal to use more Cloud based applications and services? Yes/No

2.1   If no to question 2, what is stopping the adoption of Cloud application and services?

3. Do you have a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) that includes Azure and Office 365 Rights to Use?  Yes/No

4. When does this Enterprise Agreement (EA) expire, what is the annual contract value and how many users are licensed?

5. Does the Council have plans to migrate infrastructure and applications to the Microsoft Azure Cloud within the next twelve months?

6. Does the Council use Microsoft SharePoint for Electronic Document and Records Management (EDRM) system to manage items such as electronic documents, emails and paper records within the Council? Yes/No

6.1   If yes to question 6, what version of Microsoft SharePoint is being used and does the Council have plans to adopt Office 365 SharePoint Online in the next 12 months?

Request Date16 March 2016
Requested byIndividual
Released Date  

23 March 2016     


East Council does not have a "Digital Strategy" at present.

The Microsoft Enterprise Agreement does not provide access to Azure or Office 365 and the council has no plans to migrate to either service.

The Council does not use Microsoft Sharepoint.