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Financial questions

Request Description

. Under the FOI act please provide the following information:

1) For each of the last 5 financial years, please provide:

     a) The total number of invoices that the authority has processed through accounts payable (AP).

     b) The total expenditure through AP.

2) Do you currently use/has any 3rd parties completed a duplicate payment review/statement review in the last 5 years? If so please specify the name of the company and the contract end date.

3) What is the total value of duplicated invoices/erroneous payments that have been identified by any 3rd parties in the last 5 years or in any period reviewed (please specify).

4) How much did the 3rd party invoice the authority for any review work undertaken?

5) What accounting system does the authority use (Oracle, E-Financials, Agresso, Sage etc.)?

6) Please state the authority's total spend on agency staff in the last financial year (14/15), split by the following staff categories, including all spend on agency staff outside of the categories specified as "other":

     • Social workers

     • Residential homecare staff

     • Domiciliary care staff

     • Others (please describe the staff)

7) Please provide a list of the 10 most utilized agencies in the last financial year.

8) Does the council use any 3rd party services or software to manage/book agency workers? If so please state the name of the company used, the services provided and the amount that the authority spent on these services/software in the last financial year.

Request Date16 March 2016
Requested byIndividual
Released Date  

11 May 2016      



 1)  Year               Invoices                          Paid

11-12               10117                            £26620507

12-13               10086                            £25052706

13-14               10013                            £30230520

14-15               10090                            £26144210

15-16                9176                             £24958750  

     2) Our payments data is shared with the National Fraud Initiative, who match all the data.  

     3) N/A

     4) We are obliged to take part in the National Fraud Initiative (NFI)

     5)  E-Financials