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Public toilet closures

Request Description

I am sending this request under the Freedom of Information Act.

Please note: If your records do not go back as far as 2005-6, please supply the same information from the most recent date possible.

1. Please state your council's total expenditure for public toilet facilities in each of the following financial years: a) 2005-6, b) 2010-11, c) 2013-14, d) 2014-15 and e) 2015-6 (please include attended and automated facilities).

2. How many public toilet facilities* were in operation within your authority on each of the following dates: a) 1 March 2006, b) 1 March 2011, c) 1 March 2014, d) 1 March 2015 and e) 1 March 2016**? (please break the totals down by automated and attended facilities)  

3. For each total in question 2, please state how many of these public toilet facilities* required payment for use.

4. Please state the total amount of revenue received by the council from charging for the use of public toilets in each of the following financial years: a) 2005-6, b) 2010-11, c) 2013-14, d) 2014-15 and e) 2015-6.

5. For each yearly total in 4, please state what this money was spent on (i.e. re-invested in public toilet facilities, if other please give details)

6. Please state the total number of public toilet facilities* that have closed since 1 Feb 2006.

7. Please break down the total number of closed public toilet facilities in 6 by:

a) The number of sites still owned by the council, further broken down by how each site is currently used (i.e. converted to x, empty etc.)***

b) The number of sites sold by the council, further broken down by how the buyer proposed to use each site (i.e. commercial venture, demolition etc.)***

*Please count each site/facility as one, even if it contains more than one toilet.  

** If you are not able to provide figures for these dates, please provide the information for the nearest available dates.

*** If it is not possible to state this for all such sites, please provide the requested details for as many sites as possible.

Request Date10 March 2016
Requested byMedia
Released Date  

10 May 2016      


1.  a) 2005-6, No record b) 2010-11,31,500 c) 2013-14,57,650 d) 2014-15 58,600 and e) 2015-6 51,900 .The figures in bold refer to the contract costs for the service and do not include facility costs or any community costs, total service costs would need to be far more comprehensive involving several departments of the council.

2.  a) 1 March 2006, No record b) 1 March 2011, 12 c) 1 March 2014, 12 d) 1 March 2015 11 and e) 1 March 2016**? 10   The number of facilities available are divided between council operated non attended or automated facilities and community attended facilities.

3.  None

4.  None.

5.  N/A

 Records of council owned property difficult to access. Closed facilities often adopted by parish councils.