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Information on IT systems and contacts

Request Description

Please accept my request for the following information.

     1. When is your storage infrastructure refresh due for renewal?

     2. Who is the ultimate budget holder for this procurement?

     3. Please advise name and contact details of the CIO

     4. What back office planning application are you using?

     5. What Enterprise content management software are you using?

     6. Please can you provide an org chart showing all Directors of Business within your organisation.

Request Date7 March 2016
Requested byIndividual
Released Date  

11 April 2016     


1. Storage refresh will be in approximately 2-3 years time.

2. Budget holder is the Head of Business & Technology Services, see note below re CIO.

3. Person in most similar role to CIO is Henry Lewis

4. East Herts currently uses Uniform planning software.

5. East Herts do not have an Enterprise Wide Content Management system

6. Organisation chart of senior staff available in downloads section below.