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Grounds Maintenance, Arboriculture and Street Cleansing Services

Request Description

We would be grateful if you could supply us with information for each of the following services, Grounds Maintenance Arboriculture Street Cleansing The information we require is as follows:

1. Are the services out sourced to a private company, delivered by an in-house team or delivered by an organisation owned by the Authority.

2. If the services are delivered by a private company could you let us know the following a. The name of the private company b. The date the contract with the private company started c. The annual value of the contract d. The length of the initial term of the contract e. The options for extensions to the initial term allowed for in the contract f. When the contract will end g. Will the service be subject to another competitive tender when the current contract comes to an end

3. If the services are currently delivered by an in-house team is the Authority considering outsourcing the service to the private sector and if so when?

4. If the services are currently delivered by an organisation owned by the Authority will this contract be open to a competitive tendering exercise and when is this likely to happen? 

Request Date16 February 2016
Requested byBusiness
Released Date