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A414 Southern Bypass of Hertford

Request Description

Could you tell me what discussions the council has had with the County Council and other parties on the development of the A414 Southern Bypass of Hertford to link Cole Green to Rush Green. When is a final announcement expected? 

Request Date1 February 2016
Requested byIndividual
Released Date  

14 March 2016    


AECOM, on behalf of the County Council, has undertaken a A414 Strategic Study, and as part of this have done some high level reassessment of routing considerations, including a potential Hertford southern bypass. A copy of their Stage 3 Feasibility Review was presented to the District Planning Executive Panel on the 22 October 2015 (copy attached - 5/12/14 version). An earlier (July) version of the AECOM report contained a map showing routing options  However HCC later advised that this had been provided confidentially and was not for distribution. 

This data is exempt from FOI as outined in section 41 of the FOIA

As far as we are aware the District Council has not had any other specific discussions with the County Council with regard to a Southern Bypass.

The County Council is currently developing a Countywide Transport Model (COMET) which will provide a platform to test strategic mitigation measures to future growth scenarios across Hertfordshire (including along the A414). This model will feed into the emerging HCC 'Transport Vision', which will then identify packages of transport interventions to enable growth across the county to 2050.

Claire Sime in Planning Policy team can assist if position is unclear.