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Payments by credit and debit cards

Request Description

Please could you supply the following information with regard to council facilities for accepting payments by credit and debit cards:

Information requested:

1.       At the time of receiving this request, are all of your merchant accounts (the facilities for accepting payments from the public by credit / debit cards) fully compliant with the PCI DSS requirements?

2.       If your systems ARE compliant, please could you advise the cost of attaining compliance in the following cost areas:

a.       External costs (e.g. consultants, QSA's, project management etc)

b.      Internal costs

c.       Capital costs

3.       If your systems are NOT YET compliant, please could you indicate ANTICIPATED costs (N.B. If you have not yet quantified these potential costs, then please simply mark as N/A)

a.       Anticipated external costs

b.      Anticipated internal costs

c.       Anticipated capital costs

Request Date8 January 2016
Requested byBusiness
Released Date  

24 February 2016


1. We have yet to complete the PCI DSS self-assessment.

2. N/A

3. N/A