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Council Tax Support Scheme

Request Description

I would like to request the following information relating to the local council tax support scheme (sometimes referred to as council tax reduction) in your area.

1.    Does your local authority intend to change its current council tax support scheme in April 2016? (yes/no/undecided)

2. If yes, please outline if and how any of the following components of the scheme will change in 2016/17

3.    If exceptions are made for 'vulnerable' groups in your area's local council tax support scheme, please describe what these exceptions are and which groups are exempt (for example: families with children aged under 5; recipients of Disability Living Allowance).

Request Date6  January 2016
Requested byOrganisation
Released Date  

14 January 2016


1.   No

2. n/a

3.  There are no 'additional' protections.  The scheme is based on the old CTB scheme, but with an 8.5% reduction in liability for all customers.