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Community Care Grants

Request Description

I am the Commercial Director at David Phillips Furniture Ltd. We are the largest provider of furnishing solutions to the UK property sector and local authorities. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility targets we are looking to increase our knowledge of, and work within the local authority sector for the provision of furniture. We are already working with several local authorities with initiatives to combat the issue of voids. As a well-established company who places a high emphasis on providing wider community benefits and having a good understanding of local authority residents' need, we can greatly benefit your social housing tenants.

We are specifically looking for detail regarding spend and contract renewal in regards to the now devolved Community Care Grants awarded to welfare recipients for their furniture and white goods needs. This service is now regularly referred to as the Local Welfare Fund or the Discretionary Social Fund or the Assistance Fund.

I would be grateful if you could provide the following detail to assist us with our endeavours:

1.       What was the Local Authorities annual spend on domestic furniture for the last financial year?

2.       What was the Local Authorities annual spend on White goods for the last financial year?

3.       What is the predicted Local Authority spend for this financial year and the next financial year?

4.       Which organisation currently holds the contract with you to deliver the following goods:

a.       Residential/domestic furniture?

b.      White goods?

5.       When is the contract for these respective provisions due for renewal?

6.       What is the standard cost to the Local Authority for the specific furniture and white goods items ordered?

If you do not have a contract or service provider currently in place to meet these needs we would be delighted to talk with you. 

Request Date5 January 2016
Requested byBusiness
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5 January 2016                                                   


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