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Tendering process and public health funerals

Request Description

 1) What is the procedure for external suppliers to who want to provide services to the council?

2A) Does the council have a contract set up with a genealogy firm or a company which traces the next of kin? 

2B) Please include details of the contract mentioned in Q2A.

3) What website does the council post contracts to tender?

4) Does the council have a procurement or tendering process in place? If yes, please provide information on how suppliers can do business with the council.

5) Does the council use an e-procurement system/website? If yes, please provide name and details.

6) If the council does not use an e-procurement system, how does the council decide on what suppliers to use?

7) How often and on what occasion does the council need to trace the next of kin or locate family members? 

8A) Which department is responsible for tracing the next of kin or locating family members of a deceased individual? 

8B) Please provide name of department, name of staff members involved, telephone details and email.

9) What is the name of the staff member and departments who decide when to place a contract to tender?

10) What type of contracts do the following departments have out to tender at the moment:
- Environmental Health
- Cemeteries/Bereavement
- Court of Protection
- Adult Safeguarding
- Client Affairs

11) Currently does the council have a contract to tender, where you require services to trace the next of kin or locate family members?

12) Currently does the council have a contract to tender, where you require services of a genealogy firm? Please provide details of where this contract is listed and how to apply as a supplier.

13) How many public health funerals have taken place within the past year? (From January 2015)

14) Of these public health funerals that have occurred, please provide:
a) Name of deceased
b) Date of birth and date of death
c) Last known residential address
d) Have the next of kin/family members been traced?
e) What date have the details been referred to the QLTR, Bona Vacantia, Treasury Solicitor, Government Legal Department, NUHU, Duchy or Farrer & Co?

Request Date27 November 2015
Requested byIndividual
Released Date