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Council Tax

Request Description

Please note this request is made under the Freedom of Information act 2000.

I wish to request a list of all 'closed' Council Tax accounts with a credit balance (overpaid Council tax) from 1993-2015 where the liable party is a company or  organisation, ie:-

  • Limited Company
  • Housing Association
  • PLC
  • Managing/Letting Agent
  • Homebuilder (ie Barratt Homes)
  • Church
  • Any other 'organisation' as defined by not an individual person


I wish the following fields returned, preferably in Excel format, via email:-

  • Name of organisation
  • Council Tax property address
  • End date on the account
  • Amount of credit on the account
  • The correspondence address of the organisation (if available)

I am aware that the release or publication of Council Tax data is generally restricted as per the Data Protection Act 1998.  However, the Data Protection Act ONLY relates to living individuals, not organisations, and as such my request does not infringe on the Data Protection Act onto which councils are bound in relation to the disclosure of Council Tax data. 

The vast majority of UK councils already release similar data in relation to Non-Domestic (Business) Rates, therefore my request should therefore be treated in the same manner.  Following a similar request to another council, the data was very quickly obtainable and released, and therefore should definitely not be constrained by the FOI staff time limits.

To assist you, once you have extracted all Council Tax credits, you can easily use the 'FIND' formula on multiple columns within Excel to search for the following terms (+ any more you can identify) within the liable party name:-

  • Ltd
  • LTD
  • Limited
  • PLC
  • Plc
  • plc
  • Home
  • Homes
  • Church
  • Association
  • Assoc
  • HA
  • H.A.
  • Property
  • Properties
  • Letting
  • Lets
  • Management
  • Agency
  • Estates
  • Company
  • Developments
  • Assets
  • UK
Request Date23 November 2015
Requested byIndividual
Released Date  

14 December 2015