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Single Person Discount

Request Description

Pursuant to section 1 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000, in regard to your requirement that a certificate of full-time attendance at school be obtained in respect of XXX XXX, please supply the following information:

1. Whether a) the Service, and b) the Council, holds any information as to a)the names and b) the date of birth of persons enrolled in full-time education at schools within East Herts;

2. How many Single Person Discount Reviews have been issued by, or on behalf of, the Service since 1 April 2015;

3. For the financial year 2015-2016, how many requirements has the Revenues and Benefits Service ("the Service") issued within the East Herts area for the obtaining of certificates confirming full-time attendance at a school;

4. In respect of questions 2 and 3, in each case, what percentage of the households in East Herts receiving a single person discount does that figure represent?

5. To the nearest £100, what has been the cost to the Council arising from the issue of the Single Person Discount Review to me on 11 September 2015, myself including all subsequent telephone calls and letters, and including the attributable salary and overhead costs of all administrators and lawyers engaged in the correspondence, and including the cost of ansering this Freedom of Information request?

Request Date17 November 2015
Requested byIndividual
Released Date  

10 December 2015  


1. a) Yes where relevant to the individual case - b) Yes the Council does via the service in the above instance

2. East Herts Council reviewed 17,290 25% Single Person Discount cases and of which there were 3,053 cases where forms had to be issued to customers

3. Unable to provide as not recorded.

4. i) In respect of 2 that would be about 29.2% of the households (17,646 Single person discount cases / 60,463 Household in East Herts area)
ii) In respect of 3 unable to provide see 3 above

5. No cost has been incurred by issuing you a form in respect of the Single Person Discount review as the Council only pays for this service in instances where a discount is found no longer to be due, which is not the situation in you particular case. Time spent in relation to your enquiry is not recorded.