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Request Description

Please can I request the following information under the Freedom of Information Act.

1.       Do you require pet shops to declare they are selling and/or trading puppies / dogs - at either initial application or on renewal?

2.       Would a pet shop be required to inform you if they started to sell puppies / dogs mid-way through an annual licence?

3.       How many pet shops do you license which you know to sell/trade dogs or puppies? Please provide figures since 1 Jan 2010.

4.       The European Council regulation EC 1/2005 bans the movement of dogs under the age of 8 weeks, unless accompanied by their mother, when in connection with economic activity (unless in relation veterinary treatment / advice). How does the council apply this regulation to the sale of puppies from pet shops under the age of 8 weeks? Also, how does the council enforce this regulation around the transportation of puppies to pet stores from breeding establishments (regardless of whether the breeding establishments are licensed)?

5.       When was the most recent date of a council policy review on the subject of pet shop licences?

6.       Are all pet shops inspected by the council prior to the granting of a) the initial licence, b) renewal of licence? Since 1 Jan 2010 have any pet shops been granted a licence to trade without an inspection?

7.       Do you have a policy of granting tacit consent for pet shop licence applicants? Either on initial application or renewal?

8.       Since 1 Jan 2010 have any pet shops received tacit consent to trade without an inspection?

9.       What policy does the local authority have in relation to the frequency by which pet shops are - a) informally visited by council officials, b) inspected?

10.   Please provide the job title(s) of the staff members conducting visits / inspections of pet shops?

11.   Do vets attend visits and/or inspections? If so please state when a vet would be attend a pet shop i.e. on initial licence application, renewal, or complaint etc?

12.   Do you have a policy of granting tacit consent for applicants for dog breeding establishments, either on initial application or renewal? If you have such a policy of tacit consent, please explain whether this could, even in theory, allow applicants for dog breeding licence to act as though there licence had been granted without a premises inspection taking place

13.   Since 1 Jan 2010 have any dog breeding establishments received tacit consent to trade without an inspection?

14.   Of the pet shop licences granted, how many were granted to what would be widely regarded as commercial premises (I.e. a property with a shop front) and how many were private residential dwellings being used for pet shop trade? Please provide figures for the period since 1 Jan 2010 for 1) all pet shops and 2) those which you know to sell and/or trade puppies / dogs?

15.   Do you request any qualifications or certificates from potential pet shop licence holders?

16.   Do you ask pet shop licence applicants if they have any restrictions / disqualifications from keeping animals / pet shops / or any other relevant restrictions / disqualifications?

17.   Since 1 Jan 2010, have you had any reports of pet shops selling puppies underage, or any other complaint about health and/or wellbeing of puppies/dogs? If so, what action was taken?

18.   How many complaints were received from members of the public on licensed dog breeding establishments on an annual basis from 2010-2015? Please detail if any sanctions were taken against license holders following these complaints.

19.   How many dog breeding establishment licences applications were denied, on an annual basis from 2010 - 2015?

20.   How much did the council spend on enforcement of non-licensed breeding establishments for the last two years these figures are available for? Where were funds for this enforcement are generated from? If any funding for enforcement of non-licence holders comes from dog breeding licence fees, please provide the exact amount from each licence used for enforcement.

Request Date16 November 2015
Requested byOrganisation
Released Date  

 23 November 2015


1. Yes

2.  Yes

3. None

4. Currently have none.

5. No policies relating to pet shops.

6. Yes, b) yes, c) no

7. Applications would be covered by tacit approval under the European Services Directive.

8. No

9. No Policy in place.  Working procedures are to inspect at the time of issue / renewal and then follow up on any issues if identified.

10. Technical Officer / Environmental Health Officer

11.  If officer felt vet would assist inspection.

12. Applications would be covered by tacit approval under the European Services Directive.

13. No

14. 2010      11 commercial  0 residential    1)11 2)0

2011      10 commercial  0 residential    1)10 2)0

2012      10 commercial  0 residential    1)10 2)0

2013       8  commercial  0 residential    1) 8  2)0

2014       6  commercial  0 residential    1) 6  2)0

2015       6  commercial  1 residential    1) 7  2)0

15.  Yes. New applicants must have a qualification or must have progressed suitably in training, to complete a City & Guilds or equivalent level  3 qualification on relevant species within 2 years.

16.  Yes

17. No


18. 0

19. None

20. N/A