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Time spent handling Freedom of Information Requests

Request Description

I am carrying out research into the time used by Local Authorities in England to manage Freedom of Information requests.

To aid me in this I would like to make a Freedom of Information request for the following data.  

If you are retaining requests on an MS-Excel spreadsheet that logs FOI requests  I would like a copy of the spreadsheet provided electronically covering the years 2012 to the present time.

The spreadsheet should include if possible the type of requester (eg local resident, researcher, commercial, press and media) and the time spent handling each request. Obviously I accept that personal data of the requester will be withheld.

If you do not hold the data electronically I would like to know totals of time spent for each year from 2012 to the present for the categories of the requester that you may hold (eg press and media, research, commercial).

Ideally I would like data broken down by the following categories:-

Press and Media
Local Resident (or member of public if you do not retain a category for your own residents)

It may be that you hod the data on a spreadsheet using different categories - I will accept whatever you may have in this respect.

Any assistance you can provide me for this research would be most gratefully received. I am happy to accept data in a raw form if it is in MS-Excel or summary form with just totals if it is paper based.

If you do not hold data on requests due to very low numbers of requests under the Freedom of Information Act please can you confirm this in writing.

If you can provide the data in some other form not considered by myself please advise me of what form you can provide it in.

Request Date16 November 2015
Requested byIndividual
Released Date  

16 November 2015

ResponseWe do not routinely log the amount of time spent on an FOI request, unless it is considered that the request is likely to exceed the reasonable limit threshold.