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Can you please detail the plans that the council has made to accommodate the refugees coming to East Hertfordshire as part of the Government's response to the refugee crisis. Can you include what financial support is in place from central Government and over what period and what support will be required from local sources; either financial or in kind.

Request Date12 November 2015
Requested byIndividual
Released Date  

16 November 2015


The Council has agreed, as part of the wider Hertfordshire response, to resettle up to 10 individuals this year and for the following 4 years in east Hertfordshire.

We have contacted the 2 largest housing associations with homes in East Herts, Herts County Council, and Herts Welcomes Syrian Families who have all confirmed to the Council that they would be willing to assist in the Syrian Resettlement programme in East Herts. 

The Council is in the process of confirming a date for a meeting which will enable the council to identify process and timings and what resources we have and what gaps we have. 

The Council has not yet identified all the financial  resources whether that be financial or in kind that will be required.   

I have attached a copy of a document made available by the Home Office regarding the funding available from central government.