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Public Health Funerals

Request Description

Has the Council conducted any 'Public Health Act Funerals since 01/07/15 to the Present (can you include up to the date you respond to my request)?

2. If the answer to this question is yes, excluding any cases that have already been published, can you disclose:

(Please note if you have a published list, then provided it is up-to-date you can ignore a-g below)

a. The full names of the deceased

b. The date of birth of the deceased

c. The date of death of the deceased

d. Date of Funeral of the deceased

e. The last known address of the deceased

f. Whether the details of the deceased, have been/will be or are likely to be referred to the Government  Legal Department (if you are not sure then can you just answer that field 'unsure, or unknown' or words to that effect).

g. Has the Council located a new of kin?

3. Have there been any similar FOI requests to this (within the time scale outlined in question 1)

4. Has the Council given this information away to any other individual or organisation outside the parameters of  FOI (other than the Government legal department or internally) within the time scale outlined in question 1

Request Date11 November 2015
Requested byBusiness
Released Date  

13 November 2015 


Q1, Q2: The council publishes details of burials at Public Burials

Q3: The council publishes details of FOI requests at FOI Archive

Q4: No (but this information is publicly available through our website)