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Civic Parishes

Request Description
  1. Are there civil parishes in your local authority area?
  2. If yes, is the entirety of your local authority area parished?
  3. For each of parished parts of your local authority area, please provide the following information:
    1. The name of the civil parish.
    2. Whether it has a parish council or a parish meeting.
    3. Whether it is a precepting, group precepting, or non-precepting authority in the current financial year.
    4. If it has a parish council, what style (if any) does it have i.e. parish, town, community, village or city council?
    5. Elections: when, by year, (i) did they last take place, and (ii) are they next due to take place? (Please advise dates even if uncontested.)
    6. Are there individual (plural) wards within the parish, or is the whole parish one ward for the purposes of electing councillors?
  4. If parts of your local authority area are unparished, please provide the following information in relation to each part:
    1. The name of the area which is unparished (i.e. name of town / village / community).
    2. Whether there is an established community forum (or similar) recognised by your local authority, for consultations etc.
    3. If yes to (b) above, the name of any established community forum (or similar).
    4. Whether there are charter trustees representing the unparished area.  
Request Date1 November 2015
Requested byIndividual
Released Date  

13 November 2015  


See document in downloads section below