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Play Areas & Green Spaces

Request Description

I hope you can assist with the following request. I am currently writing a thesis on child welfare and health.  Health being a major concern among children, I was looking at the play areas within Local Authorities that are free to families to utilise, play parks and green areas in particular, but also skate parks, cycle-ways etc.

The thesis will cover the following aspects;

· Is there a way that Local Authorities can promote healthy play by providing the community with information on these free play areas.

· How can a Local Authority use social media and other mediums to access the community.

· Can the Local Authority work with the connecting NHS Trusts to ensure children are healthy and in the future minimise the impact this has on the NHS system.

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 please provide location information and the facilities that are located at these play parks and green areas? I have attached a spreadsheet that will help correlate this information and this includes age group catered for, type of park etc. 

Request Date29 October 2015
Requested byIndividual
Released Date  

2 November 2015  


The Freedom on Information Act requires local authorities to provide information that they hold.  This does not include undertaken work to create new documents (e.g. spreadsheets). 

The information about the facilities in our parks playgrounds can be found on the Council's website under Parks and Open Spaces.  We do not currently hold lists of facilities other than this information.