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Council Tax Questions

Request Description

The request is for the questions below, 1.A to 3.C, answered for the financial years 2004/05 up to and including 2014/15.


I will try and outline and explain what I am seeking for each element of the request.



1.A Total number of domestic council tax liability orders issued


I hope that this is self explanatory.

1.B Number of households receiving domestic council tax liability orders

I understand that this number would be distinct from the total number of liability orders, and remove any 'double counting' from the above figure.

1.C Total sum of unpaid domestic council tax (before recovery)

This would be the total amount of council tax that the authority has pursued in the particular financial year, not regarding any successful or unsuccessful actions to recover these sums.

1.D Total sum of unpaid domestic council tax (after recovery)

This would be the total amount of unpaid council tax after any recovery attempts. I appreciate that this may be problematic where recovery stretches beyond the financial year in question, if possible could you please calculate this sum based on when the debt itself was incurred rather than deducting from future years when recovery occurs.

2.A Cost for raising a summons (Paid to the Council)

These two questions both relate to the fees charged to council taxpayers as processing fees. I understand that there are two sides to the equation, fees charged by the council and fees charged by the courts. Please could you record both where they are distinct.

2.B Cost for liability (Paid to the Magistrates)

See above.

3.A Total number applications for discretionary relief received

Although I understand that the system has changed significantly in recent years, could you please record details for both schema.

3.B Total number of households granted discretionary relief

The total number of successful applications.

3.C Total monetary sum of discretionary relief granted

The total value of all successful applications

Request Date13 October 2015
Requested byBusiness
Released Date