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Radial Environmental Search at Mimram Road Industrial Estate, Mimram Road, Hertford, Hertfordshire, SG14 1NN

Request Description

We are currently undertaking an environmental review of the above site. We understand from a review of historical maps that the site has comprised an industrial estate consisting of various Works since the 1950s. We would be grateful if you could conduct a search for the following details:

  1. Is the site likely to be investigated further under the Council's Part IIA Strategy and if so what level of priority would it be given?

2. Does the Council have any specific concerns regarding ground conditions at the site?

3. Is the Council aware of any previous site investigations and / or remediation work that has been undertaken on site or in the surrounding area?

4. Records of any pre-licensing landfill sites within 500m, including:

  • licence holder
  • location (grid reference and boundary plan)
  • dates of operation and nature of fill material
  • details of any leachate / landfill gas monitoring

5. Pollution records / known areas of contamination within 500m, including:

  • location / grid reference
  • nature / source of pollution
  • previous land uses
  • any further details (e.g. remedial work)

6. Part B (APC) Authorisations within 500m, including: 

  • authorisation holder
  • location / grid reference
  • nature of authorisation
Request Date8 October 2015
Requested byBusiness
Released Date