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ICT training

Request Description

I am writing to you to release that information that I have asked with the questions below. I'm requesting this information as a concerned citizen. I believe that councils are spending far too much money on training without considering alternative ways to purchase training.

Q1 What budget has been allocated for ICT technical training from April 2015 to March 2016?  

Q2 Are there any ICT technical training required to be purchased in the future if so please provide information?

Q3 Can I have a list of any ICT software Upgrades planned for the new financial year?

Q4 Can I have the Organisation chart of the ICT Department?

Q5 Can you provide copies or details of any ICT projects where IT training will be required?

Q6 Have you secured 3 quotes before purchasing any ICT training? If yes please list the companies where these quotations were secured from?

Q7 If you haven't secured 3 quoted before purchasing training, Could you explain how you purchase training? 

Q8 IF no quotes were secured then please state the exact amount paid for each course and provide details of the company where they were bought from in the last 12 months?

Q9 How much ICT technical training, has been purchased from QA Limited since first of April 2015?

Q10 Do you currently have any skills licences purchased with QA Limited?

Q11 Could you provide and Usage report of the Skills license that you have purchased from QA Limited?

Q12 Can you please provide details of the ICT Managers/Mangers that has purchased the Skills licence?

Q13 Would you consider purchasing a Skills License of Training Passport or have you purchased one in the past year?

Request Date21 September 2015
Requested byIndividual
Released Date  

29 October 2015


See documents in downloads section below.