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Request Description

I would like to request the following information under the Freedom of Information Act please.

1. How many CCTV cameras are owned by your council to catch drivers breaking traffic laws, and how many are currently in use?

2. Please specify where these cameras are placed and their intended use on-site? (E.g. to catch drivers making U-turns / illegal right turns / using a bus lane / yellow-box junction offenses)

3. How many fines have been issued and what revenue has your council gained over the past four years as a result of these cameras? Please provide a breakdown for 2012, 2013, 2014, and so far in 2015

4. How many people are employed in departments monitoring and processing CCTV driving offences?

5. Please specify where the fines monies are allocated

Please prioritise your response to the questions in the order asked e.g. if time constraints do not allow for all questions to be answered, please answer No.1 as priority.

Request Date22 September 2015
Requested byBusiness
Released Date  

23 September 2015


East Herts Council does not operate any such cameras.