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Members' Allowances and expenses

Request Description

 Please provide me with the following information under the Freedom of Information Act:

1. Please tell me the total amount spent on councillors' allowances and expenses in each of the following financial years:  a) 2014/15 b) 2013/14 c) 2012/13 d) 2011/12 e) 2010/11

2. For each year, please also give me a breakdown of the total spend on a) basic allowance b) special responsibility allowance c) travel d) carer's allowance e) subsistence f) ICT allowance

3. For 2014/15, please tell me the name of the councillor who received the most in allowances and expenses and the amount he/she received

Request Date17 September 2015
Requested byIndividual 
Released Date  

17 September 2015           


Information available on the website