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Southmill West Area - Residents Permit Parking Scheme

Request Description

I live at XX Mazoe Road, Bishops Stortford and was expected a residents permit parking scheme to be implemented. This was after a full consultation process that included letters and surveys and concluded with a public consultation event run over a period of time at the Rhodes Centre. Our road was in support of the scheme and we were informed that we were included and it would be implemented this year.

I was informed just before the election that due to councillor concerns the scheme was being put on hold as residents of streets not included were concerned that they would get displaced parkers, such as we have suffered due to parking restrictions being put in streets near us. I am now informed that the process has gone right back to the beginning and a policy document is being prepared for members and we may be considered for inclusion at a later date if it goes ahead.

I am extremely angry about the whole process as we suffer from commuters and airport parkers and I thought that for once the council was listening to its residents and taking appositive action.

The aborted process has cost a great deal of money which has been wasted and I would like to know the following:-

1. Who authorised the original consultation process

2. Did they have the necessary level of authority to do so

3. Was the process approved by senior managers and members, details of committee meetings

4. Which councillor requested that the process be put on hold before the election.

5. Who took the decision to put the process on hold

6. Who took the decision to abort the process

I have asked the council directly under FoI for the costs incurred to the public purse in this process which appears to have been a waste of time.

Request Date3 September 2015
Requested byIndividual
Released Date  

16 September 2015         


1.  The full costs incurred to date in the progrssion of the 'Southmill' Resident Permit Parking Scheme (RPZ) are £24,030

2.  Consultation, both informal and statutory, is an integral element of the progression of a Traffic Regulation Order - the legal authority for implementing parking controls on-street or in car parks. Member agreement and the funding to consult and if appropriate to implement an RPZ in the Southmill Road area of Bishop's Stortford was awarded by the Council as part of the authority's annual service planning process. 

3. The decision making bodies in this matter did have the necessary level of authority to do so.

4.  Minutes of all Council committees can be viewed on the Council's website. A search facility enables inquiries to be made against specific search terms (e.g. 'Southmill' or 'Mazoe'). 

5.  The decision to put some aspects of the process on hold was taken by the Council's Portfolio Holder for Economic Development, Cllr Gary Jones, whose portfolio includes the parking service.

6.  Could the inquirer please assist by clarifying which aspect of the process he considers to have been aborted?