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Request Description

FOI request in relation to photography services provided to a Member of EHC. Please provide the following information in respect the photographs of Councillor Moore which are displayed on which is a web site promoting a local photography business owned by a member of EHC.

1. Have the set of, or one of the photographs displayed on the above web site, been used for EHC publicity material?

2. If yes to the above, how and where was the photo/s used?

3. Can the Council advise who commissioned the set of photographs?

4. If commissioned by the Council, can the Council advise how payment was made, the cost and who authorised payment?

5. If the photographs were not commissioned by the Council, was permission granted to use Council facilities and if so by whom?

Please provide copies of any of the above to support the Council's response.

Request Date24 August 2015
Requested byIndividual
Released Date