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Budget holders and contact details

Request Description

Please could you provide us with a definitive list of your budget holders along with their names and job titles.

For clarification, a budget holder is anyone with budgetary authorisation to spend trusts money.

Additionally we would also like to understand who are the main contacts, Managers and Directors for the following areas:

  •          Temporary Staffing
  •          Procurement
  •          HR

If you could provide us with their Names and Job Titles.

Request Date19 August 2015
Requested byIndividual
Released Date  

16 September 2015      


Principal budget holders are as follows:

Adele Taylor, Director of Finance & Support Services
Simon Drinkwater, Acting CE & Director of Neighbourhood Services
Will O'Neill, Head of Comms, Engagement & Cultural Services
Cliff Cardoza, Head of Environmental Services & Leisure
Kevin Steptoe, Head of Development Management & Building Control
Brian Simmonds, Head of Community Safety & Health
Claire Bennett, Housing Services Manager
Neil Sloper, Head of Customer Services, New Media, Information & Parking
Ben Wood, Head of Business Development
Philip Gregory, Head of Strategic Finance
Chris Gibson, Head of Governance & Risk
Emma Freeman, Head of HR & OD
Jeff Hughes, Head of Democratic & Legal Services
Su Tarran, Head of Revs & Bens
Henry Lewis, Head of Business & Technology.

Key contacts specific to enquiry:

  • Procurement - Tracey Sargent, Procurement Officer
  • Temporary Staffing & HR - Emma Freeman - Head of HR and Organisational Development covers both areas