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CBI contributions

Request Description

I am writing to obtain information about the amount your organisation pays to the Confederation of British Industry and its subsidiaries. Please provide the amount paid to the CBI (and its regional subsidiaries) 

(a) in membership fees 

(b) fees for one off conferences or other events and 

(c) fees paid to the CBI for any other services. 

Please make clear if the response includes payments from any Non-Departmental Public Bodies, Executive Agencies etc which fall under the department and please provide a breakdown of what payments came from which agency/body. 

Please provide this information for the period 2009-2015 set out by calendar or financial year.

If you are unable to provide all of this information within the time/cost limit please work up to the limit focusing on membership fees.

Regarding the regional subsidiaries, the full list is here for your reference:

CBI Scotland
CBI Wales
CBI Northern Ireland
CBI East of England
CBI East Midlands
CBI London
CBI North East
CBI North West
CBI South East
CBI South West
CBI Thames Valley
CBI West Midlands
CBI Yorkshire and Humber
CBI International

Request Date4 August 2015
Requested byBusiness
Released Date  

7 August 2015    

ResponseWe have found no records of any payments being made to CBI in any of the configuraqtions you provided during the requested period.