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May I request the following information, which relates to statutory homeless individuals and households within East Hertfordshire?

· What are the number of individuals and statutory homeless households that have presented themselves to your services within East Hertfordshire? Please give an annual figure for each for the last 5 years where records are available.

· How many of these individuals and households were housed within social housing owned by the council, and how many had to be housed in privately-owned accommodation paid for by the council?

· How many of these individuals and households were offered temporary accommodation within your authority and how many had to be housed elsewhere? Once again, please give figures for the last 5 years.

· How much money was spent in each year by East Hertfordshire  on temporary housing for the statutorily homeless broken down by cost type?

o The anticipated cost types are Private Licence Agreement, Bed and Breakfast, Non Secure Tenancies (Council & RSL owned), Rent - Bad Debt, Property Dilapidation, Client Storage and Furniture. However any additional breakdown of cost available would be greatly appreciated.

Request Date3 August 2015
Requested byBusiness
Released Date