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Taxi and PHV licensing concerning assistance dogs

Request Description

Please provide the following information:

1. How many incidents have been reported to East Hertfordshire District Council of Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle drivers refusing to carry assistance dog owners in the past five years.

2. On how many occasions East Hertfordshire District Council has initiated or been involved in a legal action against a Taxi or Private Hire Vehicle driver or operator due to allegations of discrimination against assistance dog owners in the past five years.

Please breakdown the following for each case:

a. The outcome of the case

b. If a fine was imposed, the level of the fine

3. Does East Hertfordshire District Council require Taxi or Private Hire Vehicle operators or drivers they licence to undertake disability awareness training as a requirement for obtaining a licence to operate? Does this training include references to the law surrounding assistance dog owners? If guidance is issued to drivers, please provide a copy of this document.

4. Whether East Hertfordshire District Council has:

a. Withdrawn the licence of any Taxi or Private Hire Vehicle operators or drivers, following reports of refusing carriage or making additional charges for the carriage of assistance dog owners in the past five years.

b. If licenses have been withdrawn for the reasons in 4a, how many? Please indicate the length of each suspension

c. How many, if any, licenses have subsequently been reinstated on appeal

5. Whether East Hertfordshire District Council carries out quality assurance (through methods such as mystery shopping or conducting passenger satisfaction surveys) on Taxi or Private Hire Vehicle operators or drivers, to determine they are meeting their obligation to not discriminate against passengers with disabilities, specifically including assistance dog owners.

6. Outline the requirements and procedures East Hertfordshire District Council maintains for Taxi or Private Hire Vehicle drivers to gain an exemption from carrying assistance dogs in their vehicle on health grounds. 

Request Date30 July 2015
Requested byOrganisation
Released Date  

18 August 2015    

  1. One
  2. None, a. N/A, b. N/A
  3. No
  4. a. No, b. N/A, c. N/A
  5. No
  6. The driver must provide an exemption certificate from his own GP practice or one of the Doctors on the Council's approved list.