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Hutton Close - Road in Disrepair

Request Description

I would like information of who is responsible for the condition of the road known as Hutton Close, SG14.

The reason I am asking is because the said road is in a serious state of disrepair and as a tax paying citizen, part of whose taxes are used for road repair and maintenance, I want to know when said road will be repaired.

In the 8 years I have lived on Hutton Close I have never seen any attempt to repair said road at any time, and over the course of those 8 years said road has continued to decline in condition. I fear that the condition of said road, should it deteriorate further, could lead to damage of private and/or commercial conveyances using said road, and/or to passengers of conveyances, private or otherwise, and/or pedestrians using said road.

I would urge East Hertfordshire District Council to commence repairs immediately to remedy the poor state of repair of said road by use of taxation, already paid in good faith, to correct this sorry state of affairs as East Hertfordshire District Council are legally obliged to do with taxation gathered for road repair and maintenance.

I look forward to your response containing information on who is responsible for the maintenance and repair of said road, and the date repairs are set to commence.

Request Date29 July 2015
Requested byIndividual
Released Date  

29 July 2015  


Hertfordshire County Council responsibility