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Housing Schemes

Request Description

Can you provide details of all housing schemes in your area that are planned to be built, for over 500 dwellings, at one location, for the period of your current Plan. Please provide the following information:

Site address

Name of developer (if available)

Total number of houses planned

Total number of flats/apartments planned

Current stage of development (in Plan/LDF; with planning consent, at planning application stage.....)

The year the scheme is likely to commence

(Some schemes may have already started construction. Please only include these if there are still more than 500 dwellings to be built.)

Request Date27 July 2015
Requested byBusiness
Released Date  

13 August 2015   


The Council's current Local Plan comprises the East Herts Local Plan Second Review (April 2007). 

This contains one development site with 500+ residential units.  It is proposed that the current Local Plan be replaced by a District Plan, which is in preparation.  This contains a number of sites for potential development of 500+ units.  This can be inspected in full on the Councils website.  

Details of the current site are as follows:

Site Address: Bishop's Stortford North,

Name of developer: Bishop's Stortford North Consortium. 

Total number of units: 2,200.

Number of flats and apartments: the proposals are approved in outline form with details of a first phase.  Full details of the mix of units can be found on the Councils website using the application reference number: 3/13/0804/OP. 

Stage: Outline permission for whole site, details for phase 1. 

Commence: 2016.