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Environmental Risk Assessment

Request Description

We are conducting an Environmental Risk Assessment for the following site, as identified on the attached location plans. 

The approximate National Grid Reference for the centre of the site is 550122, 221345.  The address is: Brakes Foodservice - Bishop's Stortford, Dunmow Road, Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, CM23 5PA. 

In order to assist our study, please could you provide us with the following information:

Groundwaters and Surface Waters

1. Location, description, zone and classification of any groundwaters or surface waters within the vicinity of the site.

2. Details of aquifers in the vicinity of the site and their vulnerability from the site or surface activities.

3. Details of water quality and sensitivity of any surface water bodies, which may be influenced by the site or activities on site.

4. Details of abstractions from ground and surface waters in the vicinity of the site or from waters, which may be influenced by the site or activities on the site.

5. Details of discharges into surface and groundwaters that may have an influence on the site.

6. Details of any groundwater pumping carried out in the vicinity of the site.

7. Any known problems or other information which may assist in our study.

Waste Disposal/Contaminated Land

8. Details of former uses of the site or immediate surrounding land, which may have resulted in contamination of the site.

9. Details of any landfilling, waste transfer stations or other landfilling operations on or within a 250 metre radius of the site, the types of waste handled and the current operational state of the facility. Any other information, which you may have relating to the site or immediate surrounding area would also be appreciated.

10. Details of any landfill gas monitoring results, gas protection methods and any surface or groundwater pollution incidents associated with landfills in the vicinity of the site.


11. Details of any records of complaints, notices etc. about contamination, pollution or nuisance relating to the site and its environs.

12. Are you aware of any existing underground storage tanks or if any underground storage tanks have been removed, either  within the site boundary or immediate vicinity?

Request Date27 July 2015
Requested byBusiness
Released Date