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Drainage in Buntingford

Request Description

Please supply any responsibility the district council has for the provision of and maintenance of drainage in Buntingford.  In particular does the council clean out sewers, drains etc.  and does the council own property in Buntingford which would be affected by drainage issues?

Request Date20 July 2015
Requested byIndividual
Released Date  

30 July 2015    


The Council does not have any responsibility for drainage in Buntingford except for maintenance of the drainage in the public car park in Bowling Green Lane and for Layston Court Gardens (EHC property leased to Buntingford Town Council )

We do have an operational role for managing some aspects of surface water as part of our land drainage obligations. However this would only concern inspections and identification of land owners who are ultimately responsible for the maintenance of  drainage features on their land.