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Staff working alone

Request Description

I am writing to you under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 requesting the following information regarding lone working within your Council (as part of a wider study into safer working practices within the Public Sector).

Does your Council has a lone working policy.

Are risk assessments conducted for employees when working alone?

How many of your employees have reported assaults/attacks whilst working alone for the year 2014?

Please confirm whether any staff use protective equipment (personal alarms/mobile phones/apps). If no, please skip to Q7.

Does your Council use an external supplier for these alarms/apps? If so, who?

How many personal alarms or mobile phones does your Council have for the provision of lone working staff?

How much is spent on the provision for lone worker protection per annum?

Please provide the job titles of the persons who are / or would be responsible for your lone worker policy and the purchasing of personal alarms/mobiles/apps

Please list the name and contact details (phone, email) of these person(s)  

Request Date29 June 2015
Requested byIndividual
Released Date  

30 June 2015


Q 1:      Yes, contained within Health and Safety policy 

Q2:       Heads of Service and Line mangers are required to undertake risk assessment where lone working occurs

Q3:       None

Q3:      Mobile phones and alarms

Q4:      Yes Stevenage CCTV and Sitex orbis

Q5:      All staff who work alone are given mobile phones: 26 occasional lone workers operating on field work basis; 115 regular lone workers; 50 members on official council business

Q6:        There is no central spend on this as some aspects such as mobile phones will not be used solely for protection and departments may procucre under different budget codes

Q7:      Health and safety officer for policy and Procurement officer for equipment

Q8:      East Herts Council, Telephone: +44 (0)1279 655261