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Payroll and BACS software

Request Description

Could you please provide the following information?

1. When your current contract with HR and Payroll software expires.

2. When your current contract with BACs payment software expires.

3. Where/if these services will be tendered.

Where there is no contract or expiry, if you just put the number and N/A, I would be very grateful.

Request Date25 June 2015
Requested byIndividual
Released Date  

17 August 2015    

Software TypeContract ExpiresPlans to Tender
HR and Payroll SoftwareThe contract is on a rolling one year basisWe are now planning to replace the system with a view to implementing in April 2016. We are yet to determine whether we wish to proceed through open tender or via a Framework agreement.
BACS SoftwareOne year rolling contractWe are currently reviewing the use of our product