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Outsourced ICT services

Request Description

Under the Freedom of Information Act I respectfully request that you provide me with a list of suppliers providing outsourced ICT Services to your organisation at the current time. By 'outsourced ICT Services' I am more specifically interested in the supply of Service Desk/Helpdesk, Desktop Support, Infrastructure Support (Server/Network/SAN), and Service Management type services. Please present the information back by email (to this address) detailing for each supplier (where more than one is engaged):

- Name of supplier

- Service(s) provided by supplier

- Renewal date for provided service(s)

- Current spend with supplier for provided service(s)

In the interests of focussing on suppliers of a material nature it would be acceptable to respond with just those suppliers where annual spend (on any particular service) is in excess of £25,000 per annum.

Request Date16 June 2015
Requested byIndividual
Released Date  

 16 June 2015  


East Herts Council have no outsourced ICT arrangements of £25,000 or more. We do commission support services for telephony and network services, but these contracts are less than £25,000.