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Section 44 relief on NNDR properties

Request Description

In accordance with the provisions specified within the above Act I hereby request the following information. The information requested relates to properties that have applied for rate relief under Section 44A of the Local Government Finance Act 1988.

Required Information;- Properties that have been granted or refused Section 44A rate relief from 01/04/2010 to present.

· The date of application for Section 44A Relief

· The account holder liable for business rates on the property at the time of application (please note we do not require any personal information concerning sole traders)

· The applicant's name where different from the above

· Whether the application was granted of refused

· The Property Reference Number (also known as the Billing Authority Reference Number)

· The address of the property

· The rateable value of the property

· The start date of the Section 44a Relief (where granted)

· The end date of the Section 44a Relief (where granted)

Request Date16 June 2015
Requested byBusiness
Released Date  

14 July 2015   


We cannot provide details of refused Section 44a applications that have been made, as the Academy software does not have a facility to log any appeals that have been declined, it can only record cases where an appeal has been granted.

The EDM Document Imaging system only has a limited number of categories in which new incoming work is recorded and has no specific category set aside for S44a work only. Consequently it would be impossible without going through every piece of work recorded in the Business Rates EDM software. The time taken to do this would take far in excess of the of the 2 .5 days of work that would be required to gather the information. All other data is contain within the attachment.